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Mommy and Me
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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Wrapping up

The end is near.  I can feel it.  I sort of took today off from unpacking and went shopping instead, but I still managed to get things almost finished in the 5th wheel. 
I have managed to get almost everything unpacked and put away,  I do need some organizing tools but am in pretty good shape over all. I even have one cupboard that is empty!
I think by Monday I can start Caedens school up again and start back on the path to normal!  He is doing very well in his schooling despite all the craziness of this year.  He has learned that numbers have meaning and what that meaning is,  and he has begun to read. He can read twinkle twinkle little star, and The Ear Book. He also learned about sound and vibrations, which would be cool if I planned his reading and science to go along with each other but I didn't it just happened that way.
Sapphira can count to 11 and recite her abc's. She is starting to color inside the lines and take pride in her pictures, although for whatever reason she has decided not to know her colors when last year she was able to identify all of them correctly.
Micah is starting to get a napping schedule again.  Not because he doesn't need it or anything but I think he is dropping a nap. I believe it will turn out Ok though because he has such a hard time staying asleep with all the noise in the 5th wheel,  so dropping that 3rd nap means he is extra tired for the other 2 and sleeps pretty soundly.
Speaking of sleep, I have been having a hard time on the extra firm mattress of my bed and woke up with bruises on my hips today, so I bought a fiber filed mattress pad and now I feel like I'm sleeping in a cloud! So wonderful!

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