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Mommy and Me
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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

We found a normal

After so much crazy in the last 6 months it feels so great to find something we can call normal. I literally have not had normal since Micah was born but the last two days we have established a routine and have been functioning as I feel God would have us function.
The peace that comes with a schedule is better than anything.
Our day:
Caeden wakes up and plays quietly with play dough or colors a picture while every one else is sleeping.  Micah and I wake up and I change his diaper and get Caeden breakfast.  Shortly after that Fia wakes up and I get her dressed and have Caeden get dressed as well.
Boomer by then is going crazy in his kennel so I take him out to go potty while Fia's oatmeal cooks in the microwave.
Then I begin the process of making my own breakfast and start Caeden on his schooling.  After I have eaten and the kids are done eating I wash the breakfast dishes and work with Caeden on more school.
Then Micah needs a nap so I turn on some cartoons for Caeden and Fia and go nurse Micah to sleep and pray his siblings let him sleep.
After Micah is down for his nap I finish school with Caeden. And begin the process of getting lunch prepared. After lunch we go play outside for a while if the weather is nice.  Then have a short nap when Micah is ready for another.  And get ready for dinner, and washing up lunch dishes.
The rest of the day is relaxed with no expectations at all and I really enjoy it being that way.  The morning is my best time to get anything done, and the evening is a time to enjoy each other as a family.
Sweet peace!  Sweet schedule!  I totally don't mind at all that all of this is being done in the parking lot outside my parents house... my life is prefect.  I only wish we were already with Patrick, but I wouldn't give up the honor of being at the birth of my brother's first child just to hurry or reunion.

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