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Mommy and Me
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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Role reversal

Tomorrow is Mother's day.  This is such an odd holiday for us this year.  Patrick isn't with us to celebrate so really it is left to me to either celebrate and show my children the joy of celebrating sometime other than themselves, or choose not to honor myself.  Either option is both awkward and significant. 
On the one hand I think it is an important thing to teach my children to honor their mother and to celebrate the work that I do for them. But on the other hand I feel like celebrating myself could teach them the wrong lesson.
Enter my dad.
For years growing up it has been a tradition that in the spring around mothers day the women would go on a trip to hunt for mushrooms.  Since no children were allowed along it sort of became a coming of age thing for my sister and I.  And then my grandmother died,  my aunt and mom started going at different times and it seemed to fall apart, but still we try to make it work.  Last year my sister and I couldn't make it at the same time so my mom went twice,  on the weekend with me and for a few days during the week for my sister.  This year I don't even have the option to go because there is no one to take care of my kids and because Micah is still breast feeding.  So they went without me.  They will return Sunday night. 
My dad (since mom won't even be around then) has offered to take me out to eat for Mother's day.  The honor is high. A DAD... taking his daughter out for Mother's day.  Let that sink in.  I am blessed.

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