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Mommy and Me
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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Back to life.

I can't believe after all the craziness we have been through that I'm able to say this but I'm so glad I can.
Caeden is resuming school tomorrow.  It will be our first day doing school in the 5th wheel.  I'm excited and maybe a little under prepared but it is one step in a long journey that proves that we are getting normal back.
What will we do for school?  We will start our day with breakfast and then after I get the breakfast dishes done caeden will work on number recognition and counting by playing sorry.  Yup.  Fun stuff.  Then fia will get some minor counting and color recognition by playing candy land.
After math we will work on recognizing the abc's.  Both caeden and fia need this.
After that will be reading.  Caeden is almost able to read 'The Ear Book' on his own so we will start with that one and then read The poem twinkle twinkle little star.  If he does well and is game then I will have him start reading Ten Apples Up On Top, if not we will do that one tomorrow.  Then we will do a science lesson from the book we have been working with.  We are pretty far behind in that so we will probably do science every day instead of twice in the week.  Fia will color while caeden and I work on science.
Micah will hopefully be entertained with toys and Graham crackers during all of this learning. 
We won't work on history tomorrow but I will need to figure out what our history lesson is on for Tuesday since we also have gotten behind in history.
Honestly even though we are behind I'm just glad to say that tomorrow we can start working again.

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