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Mommy and Me
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Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy 30th birthday to me.

Not sure what the day will bring tomorrow but I am turning 30. I'm actually pretty excited about this new year...
30 is just so grown up.  I guess that is what most people don't like about it.  I love it. 
As far as my personal goals are concerned I'm pretty much exactly where I would hope to be at this age. I do have to tweak them a little but I'm profoundly happy with my life right now.
Here is what I have done since high school.
1. Traveled to New Zealand
2. Moved out of my family's house.
3. Paid off a loan.
4.Got married to the best guy in the world.
5. Bought a house
6. Birthed my first child
7. Moved to San Diego
8. Birthed my second child
9. Over come ptsd
10. Miscarried a baby
11. Moved in with my parents
12. Moved to rural upper Michigan
13.  birthed my 3rd child at home.
14. Moved to Indianapolis
15. Survived Patrick losing a few jobs
16. Bought and moved into a 5th wheel
17. Became a certified doula
18. Began the homeschool journey
19. Prepared to move to Pennsylvania in this month.
20. Made friends all over the world, including China,  Japan, Hungary, New Zealand,  Peru,  Guam,  Australia, Germany,  California,  Michigan, Indiana,  Ohio,  Texas,  Oklahoma,  Maryland, and probably some other places I just can't think of at this moment.
The next ten years will bring two of my children into their teens,  determjne if we really are a complete family and lead to me possibly starting a career as a home birth midwife. I am excited to turn the page on my twenties and enter face first into my thirties.
I hope this yearbrings us all blessings!


  1. Rural Upper Michigan? I beg to differ! The big city is just a half an hour south of us. ;)

    1. Have you ever been to a city with more than 5,000 people in it? Lol love you Laura!