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Mommy and Me
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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Zip ties

The reason I have stayed in Michigan as long as I have is because my brother and sister in law invited me to share their joy and be their doula when my niece joined the outside world.
I'm happy to announce that she has arrived. Her story isn't mine to share but she is gorgeous and her mama is a birthing rock star.
Now that she is born I have the task of preparing the 5th wheel to move to our new home location, which means taking all the glass items off shelves and using zip ties on cupboards that might rattle loose in the drive, spilling everything inside.
The zip ties make me think of life and how it often seems to be locked in place but really one small maneuver and it all comes apart.  A seemingly healthy little girl diagnosed with cancer, a woman told that her husband won't be around for the birth of their 3rd child because he has been called to serve his country once again and will be leaving in a few weeks.
Everything can turn upside down in moments. .. And what can ever set them right again?  There is only one answer. .. God.  Lean in on him as he cares for you.  He loves you, he created you, he created carefully those little lives that are forming every day that he entrusted to your care. 
My niece, she was just born into a world of uncertainty, and the only thing we can ever be certain of is that God so loved the world that he gave his only son that he would die in our place for the sins of the world.
That he loved us so greatly makes me believe in miracles. That he loved us so greatly makes me believe that the only place to find rest is in his arms.  That he loved me so much makes me realize that I need that love both poured into my life and spiling out into other people's.
The people mentioned above are real, both of their stories are heart wrenching and make me want to do everything to help in any way I can help. .. But more than anything they make me draw into my heavenly father for support and security.  When life is anything but secure rest in his love and trust in him to carry you through whatever may come.

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