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Mommy and Me
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Friday, May 16, 2014

School is getting fun.

Caeden is such a mover that getting him to sit still long enough to learn things that require attentiveness is often very difficult.  He wants to ask a million questions,  change the subject at least once usually to tell me about dragons, and fidget with things around him. I usually have to clear the table before we can get down to business. ..I don't mean of dishes or toys I mean of everything, including homeschool items that are not needed at this exact moment.
BUT he has mastered reading "The Ear Book" this week,  learned to count by twos and started exploring odd numbers (we have been doing evens mostly) and can now copy a whole sentence in the lines, writing the words in the order they are written. .. The accomplishments are incredible and since he has done so well we actually moved up a few weeks instead of just one in a couple different subjects.
Seeing the fruit of this labor is so encouraging!  I'm loving it now more than ever.  Maybe I can handle this even better than I thought. 
I had no doubts about being able to do it but teaching reading and number recognition is the most difficult thing I've done in my life.  I know that it gets easier once those two things are mastered,  but how easy it has gotten over the course of this week is very encouraging. I can't wait to continue to bigger things and more books and field trips to historic places.
The next year in our 5th wheel is going to be such a great experience!

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