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Mommy and Me
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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Small house visitors

Last week we had the privilege of visiting some friends of ours.  We don't get to see them often so it was indeed a special treat.  The last time we had seen them was when our youngest was born 7 months ago.
While we were at their house I couldn't help running a comparison of our living spaces.  Their 4 bedroom house seemed like a mansion in comparison to our 5th wheel.  Our whole home would fit inside of their dinning room and living room with space to spare.
But I wasn't envious of them at all.  Their life is beautiful and their home filled with love, just the same as ours is and those are the things truely important. .. Not how much space we have or the things we fill that space with.
Both of our families are thriving, our children growing and healthy.  We are living lives filed with God's peace.
After leaving their home we traveled back to set up or own home and start the 5th wheel life here in Pennsylvania.  I had a very full week ahead of me and was looking forward to getting life back on track.  Things went well enough. 
The weekend came and our same friends were headed out for a family vacation in our general area and asked if we wouldn't mind some company for a night.  I welcomed them whole heartedly.  More chance to see the friends we do rarely see! And our first 5th wheel house guests too!  They came, we had a lot of fun and enjoyed each others company. .. And you know what?  Aside from a lack of sleep due to our tight quarters and so many people in them it was great!  I really wondered if I would be embarrassed or sad about the space I had for such good friends... But I only had one tiny moment where I wished I could offer more, I love my little house. I love the freedom my children are enjoying.  Even though my space is small I feel perfectly at home in it. And now that we have been living in it with Patrick for nearly a week I am finally getting things in the places they need to be, and school is back in progress.  We didn't even fall behind this week!  I did have to throw us in pretty hard core to make sure we didn't lose our place in all the craziness but it is going well.
I feel that life is both rewarding and comfortable right now and that is such a blessing.
I do wonder how our friends felt about their visit. .... But I know I gave my best and that is as good as it gets.
I do love this life! God has really blessed me!

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