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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Good news

I should not be updating my blog,  I should be sleeping but since I'm up nursing Micah and have yet to go to sleep anyway I'll just update you all on our situation.
We checked out of the house today at 3:30ish. I had all but a few things loaded in the truck and ready to go when the man showed up and he agreed to put the trash out later this week since the service just went yesterday.  Once I got on the road and I mean like just turned out of the neighborhood, I got a phone call.  Parent's magazine is starting a new partnership program with doula's. .. They want me to represent Indianapolis.  I can't help but laugh that she called at that moment exactly.  I told her about our move and asked for her contact information in case once we are settled I could look into it.
After hanging up with her I pulled into the gas station to fuel up and as I was getting out my wallet Patrick called.  He passed the test!  Thank you God!  What a relief! I want to do a little dance just thinking about it!  At that moment I just tried my hardest not to cry.  Then I called parents magazine back up and told her we were moving to Philadelphia. ...I can't believe I'm saying that. . I know where we are going to live!  She says the city isn't represented yet and I can have the spot if I want it.  The cost how ever is not manageable so she lowered the price for me. .. But I am far from knowing if I will stay in PA a full year. .. so I'm sitting on it. . Probably will turn it down at this time but I'm super honored that they chose me out of all the women they could have chosen. And then my day got crazy.  As if cleaning the house watching 3 kids and packing the truck alone wasn't hard enough.  I hit horrible traffic, which caused me to use the clutch a lot and apparently I was doing a poor job of it because something started stinking up under the hood like a burnt belt.  And then Caeden started crying because he had to pee so bad. I hate when you are stuck in traffic with no options.  I pulled over let caeden pee, and checked under the hood. .. everything seemed Ok.  We got going again. .. At 5mph.
My exit was clogged,  I took the next one thinking maybe we could get food and get back on later.  There were no restaurants right of that exit so I gps'd my way toward Michigan off the expressway until I found one.  Wendy's. 
Fia spilled grape juice in her car seat while we were at the gas station so I had to clean her up and caeden had to pee again. We got food, and I got everyone situated and loaded and took off. .. Caeden wad suppsed to buckle himself but forgot until we were on the road with no shoulder to pull off on, to tell me he didn't do it so I had to find a parking lot really quick and pull over again. I left the gas station at 5:20pm and was finally really out of Indianapolis at 7:10pm... I was stressed to say the least.
But we made it to Michigan.  Patrick has a job! We have a plan! And now at 12am I'm going to sleep in my new house, my home on wheels.

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