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Mommy and Me
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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Change and more and more and more change

We are embarking on the journey of a life time!
First off Micah was born in October, and his birth was amazing, go here for the full story.  But Patrick had taken a job in Oklahoma and it was pure joy to me that he was able to be at our sons birth.
A few days later however Patrick was laid off... big learning experience ladies and gentlemen!  Don't take a job without first asking if it is a long term position. 
So the kids and I were planning to move to my parents house until after Thanksgiving so that 1. my new born wouldn't be quite so newborn when traveling across the country, and 2. we could savor one last holiday with my family before leaving... well since plans changed we ended up staying until after Christmas instead praying for a new place to gain employment and find our lives back on track.
The holidays were great and Patrick found work in Indianapolis!  I joined him with the kids a few days after he left, and we stayed in a hotel for a few weeks.  Open your eyes to a whole new world!  There are tons of people living in hotels! Who knew? Not me, I mean I knew a few people who were homeless and got a room when ever they could afford it, but not that they actually LIVED in a HOTEL FULL TIME, it was interesting to learn about.
We were cramped and had been at this new company long enough that we felt it might be safe, and Patrick and I started looking for a place to rent. 
We found one, in Avon, and it was nicely placed just down the road from the church we started attending. It was a little small but I set straight to work unpacking and trying to form some resemblance of home. 
Then Patrick was laid off again.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME? yup he was now unemployed and so far from a long enough employment that we couldn't even fight unemployment to get the compensation to help us out.  Good thing Patrick is a saver, cause we'd be up a creek so to speak if it were not for him!
So what are we doing now?  Well I'm glad you asked.
We bought a 5th wheel and we are going through everything we own downsizing and selling and packing and storing.... We are literally selling as much as we can let go of.  I however refuse to get rid of the bed Patrick bought for me when we got married (who cares about the mattress I'm talking the frame), the bed all our children were conceived in, and the bed Micah was born in... yes born at home in our bed... this bed means a lot to me... so we are storing it in a storage unit along with a few things that each family member is to attached to let go of.  The rest is being assessed for usability and either going into the 5th wheel or being sold at our garage sale the last weekend of this month.
It is emotional, it is stressful, it is fun, it is crazy!
But we are doing it!
Patrick reports to a practical exam in PA on Wednesday, if he passes then we all move to PA to make a living in a 5th wheel full time, if not, then we park in the lot at mom and dad's house, this time not sharing dishes, only a bathroom with the rest of the family.  I'm excited, either way this goes I get to have my home, no packing involved, no matter where we live.
If we move to PA I plan to make some grand homeschooling memories by visiting places like the Brandywine Creek War memorial (don't quote me on that name, I just know it is Brandywine creek), and though it is of less historical value, we will visit Hershey PA... YUM!
This weekend we travel to MI, I am attending my Sister-in-law's (Welcome to the family Hannah!) baby shower, hosting Easter at mom and dad's house and packing all that we don't need RIGHT AWAY into the 5th wheel.
At church today (this church is amazing, if you are ever in Indianapolis or Avon Indiana you simply must visit it, the church welcomes you like family RIGHT AWAY!) a few people asked me how I was doing, a typical question that you come across from every direction no matter where you are, but here... they mean it... however my only answer is "I don't know!"  I can say this with a smile on my face, but seriously folks I have no idea how I'm doing.  I cry, I laugh, I pack, I move things, I take care of kids, I cook, but I really don't have much time right now to relax.. if I could maybe I'd have time to assess my thoughts and emotions, but I don't have that kind of time right now.

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