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Mommy and Me
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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Garage sale success! Yay God!

You may recall yesterday I was concerned about the rain making our garage sale not go well... I am very happy to announce that it went better than we could have even hoped! God pulled through in such amazing ways! Yesterday the rain quit at 11 am as predicted and the people started showing up in bigger numbers. We made almost $200 and I was happy about the items that sold. We were not able to pull out the beds or couches because the garage was so full and the rain lasted so long but we still sold a lot of the smaller things and almost all of them for the asking price. Today we managed to get the rest of our items out to the garage and driveway and display them. Things were selling so quick I was having a hard time keeping up with what people got and how much it cost but still managed and some customers were so helpful by translating English to Spanish for me since I never learned Spanish and we had a lot of Spanish speaking customers. Again many of our items were sold at the price I had asked, some for less but not less than I had wanted... No one bested me with their haggling, I rocked my own garage sale. I'm usually so bad at getting what I want for things but I often felt God prompting me to just say a price and sound confident so I did and people just went with it. We were getting worried that the big items wouldn't sell, like the couches and the dryer and some shelves Patrick made... But they all did. Then I said we would pack up and quit as soon as the kid's book shelves sold but it looked like they were not going to so we started putting things inside and a couple stopped and bought not only the two book shelves but also a Nicknack shelf my mom made me years ago. That marked the last thing of any real value that we really wanted to sell. It was amazing! The only thing that didn't sell was a table the kids use a lot that I really love anyway so it was OK it didn't sell. I may even try to find a way to bring it with us on our travels if it is possible. I'm so thrilled that all the little things still left are small and will fit in some boxes and be donated to the church in one trip. So begins the adventure of a life time!

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