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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Thank you plus

There are people in Indianapolis who need recognition and I've been trying to think of a way to recognize them all that would make the job easy but still include all of them,  so my blog is going to serve as a thank you home for the day.
First I want to say thank you to chick fil a... Yeah that sounds corny but I came here with no friends and lived at first in a hotel room with no space to let the kids play. This restaurant picked up a special need for me.  They helped me make my first friend here in Indianapolis.  They also allowed me to pass out books on world book night to their customers which was awesome too!  So thank you chick fil a!
Next I want to recognize Lawana, I met her at chick fil a and she was so sweet helping me to Orient myself in the city and pointing me in the direction of good home school resources.  I only wish we had gotten together more. ..I am sorry I never did have you over for dinner like I was hoping Lawana! Keep being awesome lady!
Next another organization but within that, many many people.  Life church Indy.  Amazing church!  Amazing people!  I can't even begin to explain the blessings they have been to us!  The first time we went to church the staff let us use a computer to help us get the rental house we are now moving out of.  Then the church rallied together to help us move into the house,  the pastor and his wife (Tony and Laurie) even came and unloaded the trailer with our things into the house and got us a nice card to welcome us!
More about Tony and Laurie; they continued each week to say hello and find out how we were,  they prayed with us,  they treated us immediately like part of their family. When I ran across them on the way to see a movie they chatted with me like they had known me for years.  I will always consider them the best most welcoming family of God we have been lucky enough to be part of.
Inside of Life Church Indy there are small groups called life groups.  I only really had time to join one but ended up in 3. The first one was a Monday morning women's group focused on being the woman God created me to be,  something that has always been on my heart to continue daily to learn.  I'm sad that though the group isn't over tomorrow will be the last time I see many of these women.
Jaclyn- Your Heart is beautiful, thank you for welcoming me even though I didn't actually sign up!  And for being there for me in prayer and helping to organize help for my family while we prepare for this new part of our lives.
Amanda- Thank you for inviting me to join. I probably wouldn't have known how wonderful you all are with out that invitation!  And you're absolutely blessed with those three beautiful girls!
Brenna- I was so happy to see your face among the women in the group since you were one of few I had already met. And your friendship and kindness has been incredible.  I'm so thankful for all the things you've done for us including but not limited to babysitting our kids so we could have a date on our anniversary and buying us pizza the night Patrick was laid off.
Debbie-You are a kind hearted woman with a passion for service.  Your willingness to help us and the actual help you gave are laid on my heart as an example to follow. 
Lindsay- who could be with kids all day running around serving the way you do with such warmth and friendliness the way you do?  I appreciate you on so many levels I can not even begin to know how to tell you what your welcome alone did for us on Sunday mornings, but you are so much more than that!  I am praying for you. ..I love you! Rebecca and Carly- Thank you for being my accountability partners and keeping me motivated to do good and stay in the word and treat my husband with the kindness I should.  You both are treasures!  And your families are blessed to have you.
It is with great difficulty that I stop listing names among my Monday group. . But thank you to all of you!  I am blessed, so blessed by you all! And my prayers will include you all even if my blog does not. ..I love you and you know the wonderful gifts you have made toward my family and I love that about you! Tuesday mornings I attempted to attend another group.  I didn't go every week so it was difficult to really get to know every one but Kylin our leader had a heart of worship and lead us with a gentleness not many women possess any more.  Thank you Kylin!
Mandy came to my house during our garage sale this weekend simply to help me in whatever capacity I needed,  she showed up just in time to help me get my children fed lunch and with out her I don't know how I would have managed!  Thank you Mandy! And I'm sorry about not being sure I would know who you were. ..if it helps at all I had it figured out by the time you arrived. .lol.
Britney- Thank you for being the first friendly face for our family at church that first Sunday.  You set the tone for our whole experience!
Rose and Marcella-my children love you,  and your care of them was amazing.  I do appreciate the time each week that I am allowed to spend connecting with other women to be the mom I need to be for these previous gifts God has given me, and you provided that time!  Thank you!
Friday nights was the only time available that Patrick could attend a life group so we also joined one then.
Tana and Dave-thank you for being leaders with love, and for letting us into a part of your lives where you Dave were front and center in a miracle!  God is so incredibly good! I hope many more are coming your way! Your children and their care for the rest of the children in the group was amazing, as well as Millie's special love of Micah.
Outside of the groups but still in the church Thank You to Starla for taking us to the museum and always being a friendly face every time I saw you.  I only wish we had gotten a chance to get to know each other better.  Thank You to the men who helped us unload the things we didn't sell at the garage sale into the church pantry, I was so exhausted and your help made the job so much lighter!
So many other people need to be thanked I can't possibly fit them all in this blog. .. But know that my heart is always with you and your church will go down in my book as the best church I have had the pleasure of being a part of!
Thank you Indianapolis for being so wonderful to us, it has been great to be here and I hope the next stop for us will be just as rewarding!

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