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Mommy and Me
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Monday, April 14, 2014

The best moment

The best moment?  When your six month old son who makes a lot of noise but not really babbling sounds clearly says mama while looking directly at you.
I had been trying to get him to have baby babbling conversations with me earlier in the day but he just wouldn't do it. .. And then while he was playing and I was doing some work to prepare the house he looked over at me and just said "mama" which is what my older kids call me so it wasn't as if he hasn't ever heard it before.
Caeden's first word was "hi" probably because I would greet him with "Hi baby" every time I came to where he was.  Fia's first word was "bottle" or the way she said it "bobble" since I had wanted to breast feed her and couldn't get it right it was both exciting and heart breaking for that to be her first word,  interestingly enough she said it very clearly while looking right at it and reaching for it,  but to my knowledge never said it again.
People always say the first word is usually mama or dada but until now that hasn't been the case for us. Thank you Micah!

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