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Mommy and Me
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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Trouble in paradise

Sometimes it seems you get all your ducks in a row, get yourself set up, Your household is in order, and then something hits the water and starts it rippling.  That is my life.  The water never stops rippling, and if I think it might be then hang on because it won't last long.
I try to enjoy this life that I have because it is the one God has blessed me with, but if I'm honest it tires me out.  We have been playing with tests for ADD on the Internet and yesterday Patrick was answering the questions as they pertained to me.  He was answering in jest but had a story to back up every question he answered yes to.  In the end I felt like the real problem is that I am over loaded with to - do's.  I want a simple life but even though our things are few, our lives are far from simple.
I'm trying to depend on God for direction and find it hard to do as he has said because I have to find the time to do it right.  Here is an example.  I prayed the week before last that I could help Caeden realize the role he plays in our family and to take ownership of that role without complaint.  I felt the answer was to have him take on a chore of his own.  One he would do every day.  In this house the cupboards are so high I have to be selective on what my children can help with.  So again I prayed about it and felt the Lord answered that he should clean the bathroom.  This sounds perfect.  I organized the bathroom and bought baskets to make it easy on him to keep things organized.  But then I never taught him how to do it... I want to obey but I'm having a hard time doing it.  Makes me slightly more compassionate toward my children's disobedience when I can see my own so clearly.
I am determined that today will be the day that I teach him how to clean the bathroom.  Maybe we will do that even before breakfast. If not though it will be done. I will be obedient to God in the raising of my children.
And these ripples in the pool of my life, I'm trusting in God to calm them and carry us on. Wherever he leads us we will follow.

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