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Mommy and Me
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Monday, July 28, 2014

Get ready to save

We have entered a new season of our lives.  One of plenty. .. After so much time striving to make our savings last, we are now in a position where we can think about things a bit differently and start giving and saving at the same time!
We have never taken Dave Ramsey's financial peace University, but have several friends who have and I did take some teenage equivalent course when I was in New Zealand. .. so we are applying our knowledge.  I have set up a bank account for emergencies with a total of 3 months expenses in it.  That is done! Next step paying off the mortgage on our house in Oklahoma.  I'm not sure what our plan of action is on that just yet but that is the next step.
What else are we doing? Well we just sponsored two of the cutest kids on the planet.  They live in Indonesia,  their names are Gita and Ipung.  They are both 5 years old (same age as Caeden) I'm feeling so very blessed to be able to sponsor them!  And even more blessed that my husband was the driving force behind doing it!
I set up a budget for us to live off from. .. One that may change slightly coming up because our rental house is newly signed with a rental management company.  But that shouldn't change things too much. . Just a little.  We are actually going to be earning something from this investment now!  For the last four years we have been blessed to have a friend renting and caring for our home but now its time to start using it as an income home and though we don't like raising the rent on a friend we are happy to know that soon our house will be helping us instead of hindering us from financial peace.
Looking forward to the differences the new plan is going to be making us!

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