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Mommy and Me
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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happy 5th of July

No time to post yesterday. .. so you get a 'day after' post.
Happy 5th of July!
Yesterday was a pretty good day.  I had mini attitude issues and got through them.  I find that I'm jealous of my husband when life starts to overwhelm me and I feel like I'm running to hard for to long to keep it all going.  He works 5 days a week and then gets to come home and not work.  Lol!  At least that is my perspective,  he actually does help us out at home a lot, like yesterday he worked a half day and came home and we all went out to a park that was hosting festivities.  After that I made some hamburger patties and he grilled our dinner, built a fire so we could make smores, took care of some trash that was just laying around and then helped me get everyone in bed.  Which is a lot more than nothing. 
We intended to watch the fireworks but someone said there would be some here at the campground but didn't know if it would be today or tomorrow.  We let the kids stay up until after dark which is to say an hour and a half past bedtime, but no fireworks were going off so we concluded they must be tomorrow.  Then as in some grand joke they began the fireworks display about 3 minutes after tucking them into bed. I wasn't about to get them up again since they were both so tired that they were crying about things they wouldn't have ordinarily cried about (such as a new found hatred for helium balloons because they always fly away).
Caeden and I had a good talk about why God created things that go away but bring us joy while they last.  This life is temporary. 
This life is temporary,  do you hear that?  Only life with Jesus is forever. My children teach me that every day as I look at them and see them growing so quickly.  God gave me these babies to love, raise, and teach about his love, but they are not really mine, they are God's, and one day they will be grown.  I comfort myself knowing that we have God inspired technology that will help me to communicate with them even after they leave my home, but when they are grown I pray I have done my job for them well.
Oh how I pray I will have taught them to love the Lord with all their hearts and to love each other as themselves.  I pray they will have a steadfast joy in their hearts the kind that seeps out of them and into the hearts of those they come in contact with.
I pray that jealousy will find no place to take root in their lives, that they will be happy for the good fortune of others and content in their own good fortune.  That they will find spouses that love Jesus and walk humbly with God together.
I have always prayed for my children but now that I'm seeing Caeden starting to make his own choices in life and I know the end of a season has come for us, now I pray even harder.  I feel like prayer is my greatest weapon against the sins that my children are about to face head on.  I protect, guide, and disciple them but they make their own choices. 
My biggest prayers for them currently are obedience,  joyfulness,  and contentment.  Couldn't we all use those?
What are your prayers for your children?

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