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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Reunion crashers

A few weeks ago my family was invited to the home of some of the members of the church we are attending,  while we were visiting we were given an invitation to come to their family reunion... this sounds odd, but it was a party and they invited us so we went.
The reunion was held at the vacation home of an Amish man and his wife.  From what I gather the family used to be Amish but over generations they are mostly not Amish any longer for whatever reason.  So the only remaining Amish in the family (at least of those present) were the man and wife hosting the reunion.  My secret desire was that there would be more. I want to learn about all these cultures we have the privilege of seeing on all of our travels. 
I learned quite a lot about mexican food while in San Diego.  I say it was a lot but no Mexican would agree, I went from a general understanding of tacos to making and eating quesadillas, fajitas, and even once I helped to make enchiladas.  Just having these foods in our diet on a regular basis is quite a difference from my upbringing.
So now on the east coast I have the privilege of living near many menonite and Amish families. I feel excited to get to know this difference in culture. But the family reunion we crashed was not the time to learn about them I suppose.
I did have the chance to speak to a mother of 8 children soon to be nine,  the daughter of our host.  We actually had a bit in common.  Though I have only three children and live in a house on wheels, and she has 8 children and lives in a grand beautiful home on around 100 acres, we both like to sew clothing for our daughters, we both home school our children, we both want to raise God fearing children who respect and care for others. We both have experienced home birth, and in different ways have put our total trust in God, it was wonderful to get to speak to a woman who understands the important things in my life because they are important to her as well. 
I'm finally coming around to the idea that I can have a conversation with someone and know ahead of time it won't develop into a deep friendship, and still spend the time talking about whatever comes up and really enjoy the time.  I will always thirst for lasting relationships and miss my dearest friends who are not living near by (due entirely because we don't stay anywhere long enough to put down roots), but I can truely enjoy the company of strangers on a deep level and then move on perfectly Ok, probably better off for it.
I thank God for the chance to meet this family, and being included even so briefly in their family.  I look forward to the next adventure we as a family get to be part of!

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