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Mommy and Me
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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Adventure awaits me

Anyone who knows me well knows I am pretty much terrified of needles.  I steeled myself against the possibility of a needle today and went into urgent care to have them tell me why my range of motion in my wrist was down to about a1/3 of what it should be.  I felt brave. I felt confident. I felt like I could handle it, or at least try to.
There are only a few possibilities of what could be wrong, one of them being a ganglion cyst.  I'm familiar with them, I have one on the other side of my wrist, both of them actually. But this seemed harder smaller and affects my movement much more than the ones I'm used to, so the idea that it could be a ganglion cyst both comforted me and terrified me.  Comfort because it is better than some of the alternatives,  terrified because the treatment for it involves a needle extracting the fluid in it and another needle putting something back into it.  Two needles sounds like just the way to get me to faint and make a complete fool of myself.
I was so brave.  I went in alone to the doctors office. I waited cheerfully to see him.  He came in took a quick look at my wrist and sent me packing with a referral to a doctor that he trusts deeply and whom he always refers these sorts of things to because he is the best. .. And as a bonus to me he is a family doctor and charges less than a surgeon would. .. yup ganglion cyst.  So lucky me I do get a needle shoved in my wrist.  Oh I'm dreading it!  But I'm brave I can do it.  But it scares me much more than having babies ever did.  I can do this!  By God's grace I will do this!

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