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Mommy and Me
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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Don't feed the fire

I recently built my very first fire without the help or input of anyone.  It turned out great and I jokingly called myself the fire master the rest of the evening. Fires have a lot to teach us.  One such lesson is that you can't keep feeding the fire if you want to put it out.
This morning I woke up groggy and less than than chipper, but in a good mood.  My children however were intent on making the day difficult.  This really makes me wish I had gone to sleep earlier.  First Micah woke up crying.  He wanted to nurse and go back to sleep, but Caeden woke up then too. Caeden doesn't have a mute button, or a slow down button, or a consider others button yet.  I plan to install them soon.
So Caeden hits the ground running "can I have a yogurt?"
I buy yogurts just for Caedens breakfast.  No one else eats them.  It makes mornings go smother if he can get his own breakfast while I tend to Micah.  This morning he couldn't get the silverware drawer open though so he had to wait until Micah was taken care of and this for what ever reason ticked him off.  He stamped around the 5th wheel and loudly complained and demanded that I get him a spoon.  I schooled him for his rude behavior toward me and he waited, the damage was done though because then I hear a sleepy little girl saying "can I wake up now?" She took to saying this around the same time she stopped falling asleep during her nap time.
I get Caeden a spoon, try again to get Micah to go back to sleep,  no dice,  the children are all over the place playing being loud and then fighting.  I demand they get dressed then start to read with Caeden which on a day like today is just asking to create bald spots on my head. 
After struggling through the book we finally finish and Micah is screaming for me.  Caeden is still hungry and Fia has finished her oatmeal I get Caeden a bowl of cereal and go back for a 3rd attempt at getting Micah back to sleep, and it is working until Caeden 'meant to just push Fia a little bit' but obviously pushed too hard cause she is screaming.
This is my morning. .. And it isn't even 9am. How do you not feed this fire? Oh I tell you it is a constant struggle.  Just let the little things slide and find good ways to deal with the big ones that don't involve waking up the baby I just got to sleep...
Next on my agenda grocery shopping.  On a day like today you can call me crazy. .. But we have company coming tomorrow and no more food in the house. I have no choice but to brave the stores with my motley crew and pray that God has mercy on me.

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