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Mommy and Me
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The reward system

Caeden is learning to read,  and Fia is getting a good reminder on potty training.  And we decided to go back to a big reward for each accomplishing their goals.
We took them to Walmart and let them chose a toy. .. our genius kids picked $10 toys with out any prompting!  For your understanding here are the rules.
Caeden must read 3 books to receive his dragon toy.  He can look at the toy all he wants but it can not come out of its package or be played with until he has read all three books. 
Fia must use the toilet and have no accidents for 7 straight days to receive her baby doll stroller. 
I made them each a chart and for each day Fia is accident free, and each book Caeden reads they receive a sticker for their charts.  So far Caeden just earned his first sticker this morning,  and when Sapphira wakes up she will get to put her 3rd sticker on the chart!  I'd say we are off to a very good start.
Caedens reading is actually very good if only his attention was as good as his ability he would be reading at a higher level by now.  He just gets about three quarters of the way through a book or story and starts wiggling and can no longer concentrate on what he is supposed to be doing.  It's been hard because of that to assure him that he can read and that he is doing well.  If he never finishes the book he thinks he has failed all together and doesn't want to try anymore.
Fia on the other hand, no one knows what is gong on there. She was fully potty trained and suddenly became terrified of public toilets again and went so far as not wanting to use our toilet either.  But now with that baby doll stroller sitting on the shelf she has been accident free for 3 days no problem at all.  I've decided to just continue to remind her often to use the toilet once this week is done,  I think it will help her at least at home.
So there it is.  I don't know if this is bribery, I'm going to say it isn't. When you go to work you don't just do it because your boss said to, you get a financial reward for your effort. .. so my kids are getting rewarded for their hard work.  Hopefully this proves to Caeden that he has the ability, and to Fia that she doesn't need to be afraid of the toilet. We shall see.

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