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Mommy and Me
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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Fun times

Yesterday a family from church joined us at the campground pool for a swim.  It was lovely to meet with them and we enjoyed their company.  The children did not really play with each other but I hope one day they will become friends I really like this family.
It's hard because the kids that come to the campground are either only here for a weekend or may not be the kind of kids I want my children playing with. There is one boy that is here a lot and isn't much older than Caeden but is allowed to wander around at will much of the time, Caeden is not allowed that freedom and the other boy doesn't understand.  Caeden has twice left without permission and gotten in trouble for it, and the other boy is starting to get it I think. But the other problem is this boy seems to be a camilion, changing how he treats Caeden depending on the other children he is around.  If the child is older he acts like he doesn't know Caeden, if younger they all become friends fast. It hurts to watch this considering Caeden doesn't know why it is happening and has yet to make any other friends.
Which is why I'm so very excited to bring him to vbs at church!  I'm praying he will become friends with the children there. They are bound to be better influences on him and since we will attend church together he will see them on a regular basis.
Life for Caeden has been rough. Giving up toys,  leaving friends,  changing houses so often.  I would like to make these changes easier on him but the truth is they are not easy on any of us.  We can only pray that God will protect our hearts during the changes.
So after church today Caeden will get his very first big kid activity away from mommy and daddy.  I mean that he will be attending for a whole week.. He does go to children's church without us. I am a bit sad about this. I have not decided if Fia will attend or not but I believe her age group is included.
Ack. My babies are getting so big!

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