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Mommy and Me
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Sunday, July 13, 2014

I am learning

Talking to a newly homeschooling mama friend I hadn't spoken to in months reminded me of some things I said to and about myself a few years ago and made me realize just how great my God is.
When Caeden was a baby, maybe even before he was born Patrick and I started talking about how we would educate our children, home school was an option we would consider but were unsure of.  I was home schooled a few years and while I thought it could have been great, it wasn't. I was not socialized during that time and wasn't kept accountable for my school work much of the time.
Then when Caeden turned two I met a woman who was homeschooling her three children, and part of a co-op, and thought "yes I think I could do that but ONLY with a co-op". So home school became a reality to me. Something that could be done but only with support.
We moved back to Michigan for awhile and I prepared a curriculum for Caeden's preschool when he was 3.
And then Patrick got a job where I couldn't even locate a co-op.  So I learned that in deed I could homeschool without a Co-op. But that was just pre-school, surely pre-school didn't count.
Then kindergarten time came and not only did we not have a co-op but we also moved 4 times from October to the end of May.  Which is almost the whole school year and somehow we made it through.  We are done with kindergarten!
So my friend asks me "did you find a co-op? " and my answer.  "Yeah there are some out here but we aren't joining any."  HAHA!  What happened to the girl I was a few years ago?  Unsure of my abilities as a mother and teacher, unsure of what God had been leading us to all along.  Here I am, not the best mother, not the best teacher, but absolutely the best for my children, absolutely qualified for the work God has anointed me to do!  Sure is going to be rough, but I have a mighty father to lean on and he is reliable, strong, a great leader, and I know he can teach me what I need to know to give my children the life they need and grow them into God fearing,  strong caring citizens of this country who take care of themselves and others as they are able.
I am growing so much and God is leading me through this journey.  Is it about me?  Nope, but while in this life I'm determined to do my best at it.

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