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Mommy and Me
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Monday, May 2, 2011

News from the Phone front

Last night was torture!  I went to bed at 11:45pm as per my pumping schedule, and F had just had a bottle 45mins prior and I was really exhausted having not gotten much sleep the night before.  Then sometime (don't know what time since I have no clock in my room) between going to bed and 3:30am she had another bottle, seemed a bit early but within the realm of normal, problem was she wouldn't go back to sleep after the bottle, she just did this really fussy annoying move and hit the bassinet and keep mommy awake junk.
I finally decided that I wasn't getting any sleep and there was no reason to keep my husband who is sick awake all night I'd take F  to the livingroom and let her play awhile and then go back to sleep, it usually works great and only lasts an hour...
I ended up staying awake with her from 3:30am to 5:15am, P woke up once and had a hard time getting back to sleep with all the noice F was making, and then had to be up for the day at 6am, so his alarm woke me but luckily F slept through it since I'd finally gotten her to sleep again.  Then at 6:15am I must have heard P leaving cause I woke up again.  Then 6:50am C woke up.  I put him to the table with breakfast turned on Shrek and went back to bed.. I got a little sleep and C woke me up twice once in the middle and once at the end of the movie.  Then P got home from his dentist appt. and F woke up, no more sleep for mommy!
Then I thought I got lucky with the naps but it didnt' turn out for me... :(
I did however get C into a new big boy bed, F into her crib (they are both asleep now and I have to wake them to go see daddy) and a phone call from both my insurance and another counseling program and I'm good to be seen by both my referal place and the other place for free!  mental health here I come.. gosh that makes me sound crazy!

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