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Friday, September 5, 2014

Where is my award?

Seriously I don't need or want one, I feel as if the ER I went to over the holiday weekend wanted to award me with worst mom ever though. What happened?  Glad you asked because get ready for this can of worms.
Back story: I am on the fence about vaccines,  but since Micah was born at home and we have moved so much since his birth he has not established care anywhere and though he has been seen by a few doctors we have not done any vaccines.  I have been fine with this because my other two are vaccinated and I would rather wait until his immune system is developed before introducing all those chemicals and synthetic or dead viruses into his system anyway...possibly even saying no to some vaccines altogether,  though the jury is still out on that one.
So on to our ER visit. Micah was sick for nearly a week slight fever runny nose sort of sick and we were scheduled to go see friends over labor day so you can imagine how happy I was when the fever disappeared the day before we were supposed to go. We packed up everyone and headed out of town. On the way there I felt congested,  Patrick was starting to feel bad before we even left and Caeden got a fever and headache on the way down.
Why did we keep driving?  I'm a selfish mom.. The trip was lined up with my best friends 30th birthday and we were going to a hotel for a night away from the kids. The first in 5 years! I couldn't help but think I was putting her kids at risk of getting sick but she felt the same as me and we didn't want to give it up, besides Micah was already getting better and he was the biggest worry.
We had a blast and ate so many things we don't usually least not all in the same night anyway. It was refreshing.
The next night however Micah had a fever of 103f. Ibuprofen was bringing it down a little but I was worried about pneumonia so I took him to the minute clinic, wouldn't you know it they were closed despite the Internet and phone service saying they were open.
I took him to the ER. They saw him pretty quickly.  The triage nurse gave him nearly 2 times the recommended dose of ibuprofen by accident (something I realized after leaving) and the doctor after I was open and honest with her about my concerns for the cost of our visit being that we are self pay,and informed her that Micah was currently unvaccinated,  went out of the room and called a social worker (one that works for the hospital) who then quizzed me about why he was not vaccinated and why we move from state to state so much.
The dr. Wanted to do X rays, blood work, catheter for a urine specimen, and then possibly more tests. I politely told her we would do one thing at a time and asked for a urine collection bag we could put in his diaper. 
The X ray came back normal no pneumonia.
Back at our friends house Patrick still felt like junk, Caeden was in and out of feeling like junk, and my head was so congested I could feel my teeth hurting and my voice was all but gone, blood work for one of the diseases Micah should have been vaccinated against seemed beyond stupid because we were all sick if we had it either a vaccine was worthless against it or it wasn't one you can vaccinate against.  So I left.
I got the discharge paperwork that explained dosage for Micah ibuprofen,  and learned what to watch for if I needed to bring him back in and they made me sign a paper that said I refused the doctors suggestions and that if he died she wasn't responsible (seriously that's what it said). And we went home.
He is fine now. Still congested but fine. ..turns out it was roseola. .. I'm not the worst mother ever... I live in a 5th wheel move across county a lot and have my doubts about traditional medicine, but care for my children and get them the help they need when they need it.
I never thought I would be treated as a child neglecter for saying we move a lot... next time I will say I don't vaccinate on purpose,  at least I have dealt with the rudeness of doctors concerning that point of view before.
Oh and last week's fever and runny was teeth, he got two of them!  All my kids get fevers and runny noses while cutting teeth, I was dumb for believing what the new studies suggest that children don't get fevers or runny noses from teething... experience shows at least mine do.

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