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Mommy and Me
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Friday, September 5, 2014

Up and down

Most of the time I don't struggle at all with the fact that my house is tiny and on wheels... but sometimes the negatives of this lifestyle do oppress me. Yesterday was one of those days.
What are the negatives?  I will tell you,  not because I want to complain but because it is realistic that there are some and what they are may surprise you.
Lack of privacy. I don't mean I can't get dressed or use the bathroom without interruption.  Let's face it no mother in the world can do that no matter how big her home is. No what I mean is if I need a breather, a moment of silence, or just to have a little emotional outburst there is no where I can go to do so without concerning everyone in the family. I used to be able to clean my room alone and just not come down for a while but now my room is three stairs and a curtain away from the TV.  Which makes it impossible to have some quiet time and way to easy for the kids to find me when I want to be alone.
What else?  I can't decorate. Let's face it a wall papered wall in a 5th wheel could be painted but it doesn't have much space to hang pictures or make personal. On top of that my husband would like to sell this once we are done with it and so doesn't want me painting the walls. The fashion of travel trailers is pretty ugly too. Like a fancy house in the late 90's. Valances and non functional curtains all over the windows.  I do plan to rectify this in the kids room.  For Christmas they are getting blankets, sheets and window dressings to personalize their space. I of course have to make them though and that brings me to reason number three that I don't like camper living.
Making Christmas gifts or even buying them them early while living in a small space is really hard! First off just pulling out my sewing machine is hard because it has to be taken care of immediately after using it whether the project is done or not. But the other problem is one of privacy again.   How do you hide what you are making? And then where do you put it until it's time to give it?
Moving on. The fourth reason I don't care for this lifestyle and here is the kicker, it's also the last and the one that bothers me the least. Every noise and movement carries through the whole house. If Micah is napping everyone else has to be quiet. It doesn't matter that he naps in my room in a dark space, he can hear us talk, watch tv, and feel us walk across the floor. If he wakes in the middle of the night I can usually get him back to sleep without waking the other kids, but if he is sick you can can bet he will have Patrick awake as well even though I stay in the living room and Patrick stays in bed.
So there it is 4 small complaints.  The rest of this life is pretty good. And though it probably can't be repeated to the scale it was last month we managed to save just over $2000 last month and use it to pay off 15 months of our mortgage in one grand sweep. Which would be out of the question in any house we could live in out here.
Though I would love to sing the praises of this life some more and give the glory to my gracious God, I have two children that are finding it hard to be obedient, and another who is crying that he is done sitting in his highchair.  So for now, good bye.
What are you struggling with? Is it as big of a deal as it feels to you?  How is God working it out for good?

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