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Mommy and Me
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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Blessed feels the same as tired.

I have been so busy for so long, and there seems to be an end somewhere, but I'm really not sure where... I feel BLESSED, but tired. 
Here is the run down of how life is going right now.

Last month I had 12 messenger bags to make before Thanksgiving, and then a trip to visit the hubby's family for the holiday... we celebrated Christmas with them on Saturday following Thankgiving, and it went really well.  I actually enjoyed it very much, then the long car ride home ended up taking the fewest hours possible which is AMAZING for having an 11 month old and a nearly 3 year old in the car.
Then we rested Sunday, sorry God, we couldn't do church after such a long night driving, but that is what Sunday is really for right?  Resting.  Monday time to crack the whip again, I need to get the suitcases unpacked, I'm feeling really great that I managed to go home with CLEAN laundry so I didn't have any extra to do when we arrived, just piled it all in the drawers!  Rearranged the entire living room because (as far as P knows) I wanted to put the tree where the t.v. was... but I also needed the space to put his gift in the livingroom once Christmas arrives.
Then I cleaned, then I shopped for fondant ingredients, whoops I missed one so there goes that plan!  So I pulled out the Christmas decorations to get going on that... gosh I'm missing some things.. where are the hooks to hang the lights outside?  Have to make a run to Wal-Mart.
Wal-Mart provided the hooks I needed, the ingredient I was missing, the doll that I bought F for Christmas last year and somehow lost and will now be giving her for her 1st Birthday... and two books for the book party we are having for her on Saturday of next week.
Tomorrow I have to pick up some material for two flowergirl dresses that I'm making for a wedding in Jan.  Then I have to get some dishwasher detergent, put my dishes in the washer, and make some cookies, decorate them with the fondant I made this afternoon (marshmallow fondant, I'm super excited about it!) and make some buttercream frosting to help the fondant stick to the cookies, and provided it works well I'll be making another batch of the fondant icing next wednesday to prepare for F's party on the following Saturday. 
We have a Christmas party to attend for P's squadron on Friday, F's birthday on the 10th, C's birthday party on the 17th, his actual birthday on the 21st, and Christmas on the 25th, then New Years Eve... and all the prep work in between. I'm happy, so happy that we have so much going on, it will keep my mind off from the uncertainty that is our future, but I'm so tired... I just need a day off... I'm about to go batty!
Lucky me P has a short week this week, he will work tomorrow, and then he'll have some training on Thursday and no work on Friday!  YAY!
And break... cause laundry is done, and I have blankets to put on my bed and I'm going to sleep...

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