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Mommy and Me
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Monday, November 21, 2011

This is the life I live.

The life I live is in an uproar!  P got the test results back from his E5 exam, and there are things about to happen that will totally change everything I've known in my married life forever.  Not of course in a bad way, or an unbearable way, but more like in a uncertain of anything that is happening to us way.
The result of the test was that the Navy will no longer be using him... we are OUT.  So since marriage I've been a navy wife, now I'm a civilian wife, but wait... civilians NEVER call themselves civilians.. they are people with lives outside of the military, they never think about the military unless it effects them some how...
Well since we are not going to be a military family anymore that means that we lose our house, our income, P's job, and our medical coverage.  SHOOT our medical coverage?!? 
Before making that cut did the military consider that they have my daughter on like 5 medications right now?  EEK!  We never thought about the possibility that we'd NEED that coverage for more than just emergencies.  But even if we had thought of it we would have been in the same boat. 
So what will we do now?  I guess be normal people with normal jobs, and go back to Oklahoma.  San Diego was never our cup o' joe anyway, too expensive.  So now we are house hunting, job hunting, and finance figuring. 
You may be wondering how this all ties into the whole theme of my blog, my journey to emotional healing for this darn c-section and the trauma I experienced because of it... well it doesn't, except that I actually think that this is pretty small beans compared to that sort of anguish.  Maybe a horrible c-section makes it easier not to sweat the small stuff.. (even if this event really does transform my entire life from here on out).
The plan: 
1. Find a house in Oklahoma
2. make sure it is liveable and in our price range
3. Move into it
4. Find Patrick a job (this one is not necessarily in order of occurance)
5. Live happily ever after.
I think it is!

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  1. I love you, have missed you and am happy to see you working towards healing. :)