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Mommy and Me
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Friday, July 22, 2011

Here comes the hypocrite!

I HATE  facebook!
will I stop using it?  Probably not.
Reasons I hate it.
1. It totally KILLED in person relationships.  True it wasn't the first thing that came along and stuck a knife in the way people communicated face to face, but think of it, through facebook, if you have a problem with someone, send them a note!  Dont like what they wrote on your wall?  Delete it!  They wont stop bugging you?  Delete them... and you know you can do this any time you want to and even if you hurt that persons feelings unless you live somewhere you may actually have to see their face you really did DELETE a person from your life!
On the flip side of that it is also a fabulous way to talk to a person without ever talking to them.  As an example, in the movie social networking after the makers of facebook have launched and it is just starting out some girl sees them and wants to set up a date, and so she says "facebook me later!"  WHAT!!! DUDE YOUR STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE GUY, JUST SET IT UP!  Gah....
2. It is addictive.  Think about it, first you could just chat with people, then you could play games, then you got groups, and all sorts of other things, and there is chat, and messages, and then they combined them, because you totally can have a RIGHT NOW conversation and just leave mid topic... but that is another subject... basically you can't get away from it, and as soon as you think you can that little red flag shows up and you just have to see who 'liked' what you said, or commented on your random totally off the wall status.
3.  The here and now does not exist on facebook.  As I mentioned earlier you can start chatting with anyone you like and if like in my case and many other mom's I've met on fb, your baby pukes all over the outfit you JUST put them in, you just leave, the acronyms people used to use like brb DO NOT EXIST anymore.  People just randomly leave you in the middle of a conversation!  What makes this worse is that fb chat SUCKS!  I have many times been chatting with someone and then I hear nothing back from them for a long time and then suddenly they are back and wondering why my chat had been telling them that I was off line, when I was not off line, I was sitting here for the last 20 mins wondering why I was being ignored by the person I had been having a good conversation with... which leads me to believe I'm paranoid.
4.  High school!  ICK... I mean I loved the social aspect of high school but somehow when I was in school I felt fine being one of the not so cool girls, I had friends, my friends loved me, we had loads of fun, and skipped a lot of classes.  (sorry teachers)  Facebook brings back this High school mentality that there are cool kids and NOT cool kids, and you want to be a part of the cool kids!
I used to participate in this group on ivillage before they totally screwed up their format (still angry about that ivillage... please change it back!)  and the group moved to facebook.  when we were on ivillage there were girls who were 'cool' and girls who were just girls... but no one was uncool... however you know exactly how cool you are when you are on facebook.. did the girls 'like' what I said?  did anyone respond about my babies rash on his bottom?   Why doesn't anyone care that he's broken out and I can't get it under control or figure out what is causing it?  NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR BABIES BUTT!  (this is totally in response to myself and not meant to hurt anyone's feelings, I indeed wrote my girls about my sons rash and find that I'm overly concerned with the number of people that comment on my post when I shouldn't be)
So though I'm not in school I now care that my facebook page has the coolest picture (thanks Calvin I DO love my profile picture) that EVERYONE under the sun see's the amazing things that I make, because of course I think they are amazing why shouldn't you?  and I find that if someone disagrees with me or deletes things that I wrote I feel like I have been deleted.. that my opinion, my right to speak has been revoked.  Like I'm the girl that cheerily walks up to the lunch table I've been sitting at for the last 2 years and suddenly the girl in the hottest sweater and that other girl with the jeans that look like they cost $300 slide over to make sure there isn't any room for me.  and I'm just baffled.
5.  I've met people on facebook that I will probably never meet in real life.. why is that a problem?  because now they are a part of my life, I really have grown to love these people and care deeply about them.. this is the evil plot of facebook I'm sure... get 'em hooked and they will never leave.   Because of the nature of our relationship I will probably lose total contact with these people if I quit facebook.. and so I'm stuck.
6. If your fan page has just opened and mine has been opened for months and you already have more fans than me, even though I'm desperately trying to get more so that I can raise money for my MIL's cancer treatment I kinda feel like you must be in with the girls at that table I used to sit at...

I hate you facebook!

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