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Mommy and Me
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Sunday, July 17, 2011

they don't look like me?

I've got some gorgeous kids let me tell you!  But honestly every time I hear someone say "Oh my gosh she looks just like P" I have this little voice in my head that says "Grr" and then I say out loud, "well actually she looks a lot like I did as an infant" and they take a second more skeptical look with the whole squinty eye thing going on, and then say doubtfully "yeah maybe" and the little voice in my head says "ah you can go suck an egg!"
Honestly, the day we got an ultrasound done for C I was so excited, the tech brought up that gorgeous profile shot and we saw all the detail in his precious face, and I instantly knew this boy looks just like his father!  His forehead, his lips, his nose... all his fathers... and he's perfect!  That is what  boy should look like right?  Like his father!  when he was born they laid him on my chest and I took a deep concentrated look at his face, decided that the ultrasound had proven to be incredibly accurate at giving me the picture of what my boy would look like, and that he indeed looked just like his dad.  The only people at that time to disagree were our mothers... His mother said that P never looked like that as a baby, and to that I said, I'm not talking about when he was a baby, I'm talking about now. And my mother said he looked like a (insert my maiden name here).... but we knew the truth, he looked like P, and we were proud of it!
Then we got our ultrasound for F.  And again, the picture proved to tell us something of who our daughter would be when she was born... a girl of little chin!  At the time I recognized it as my mother's chin, and told P that perhaps I had a chance of redeeming a child that looked at least like my side of the family if not like me.
When F was born I didn't see her right away due to my c-section, but as soon as I did see her and her full head of black hair and her peaceful face it reminded me of my own baby picture, only in my picture (take the day I was born) I was nearly 3lbs bigger than this tiny thing that they placed in my arms, but so far as anything else went I was convinced that I had a child who looked like me, at least more so than our son did.
BUT as life would have it NO ONE else agrees... well that isn't entirely true, a few people who when I ask them about it have indeed said that she does look like me, but the people who just come out with the comments on their own always say she looks like P.  GRR says my little voice.. I carried these kids for 9 months, I grew and stretched and have the marks to prove it, I pushed one out of my body and the other was cut out of my womb, and yet they look nothing like me!
So I decided here and now to prove to myself that I was right, that at least one of them looks like their mommy.... so I went to this website, and entered in some photos and tried to figure out whether their 'advanced facial recognition software' or whatever would agree with me or the masses... and as it turns out C. according to one picture looks 7% more like me and is totally equal to me and his father on the alternative picture, and F. according to the only picture I tried looks equally like both her father and myself....
and the little voice in my head says GRRR.....

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