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Mommy and Me
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Thursday, July 30, 2015

School is about to start again

Maybe not for the majority of Americans,  but in our house school starts on Monday!  I am so excited and nervous about this! I can't wait for cooler days this fall and all the fun activities we will be doing in school, but I'm also so far behind in my house work that adding school to my schedule seems daunting.
I am trying hard to lean on God today for the strength I need to accomplish what needs doing.
I read Jeremiah 12 today, it starts off with Jeremiah saying "you will be in the right,  oh lord, when I lay charges against you; but let me put my case to you." I feel like that is what I am saying to him right now... God I know your plans are better than mine, but I am going to whine about them anyway!
There is so much to be done, and I have lost the excitement I once had for all of these projects!  The front of my house is looking amazing but I still have more to do and lost the energy to do it.   The back yard is really starting to come together,  but I have lost the desire to continue. The kitchen is ready to be started but I have no energy to start that project. And now school is starting!  Agh... Lord give me strength!
Maybe one day when I have a working computer I will post the before and after pictures of all these projects!  They really are pretty amazing.

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