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Mommy and Me
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Friday, July 31, 2015

Poison ivy

Instead of going to play group this morning I am in the pediatrician's office with my children.  To be completely honest I don't feel the need to be here. We have a case of poison ivy on our oldest son.  He actually looks as if his skin is healing now but he has had it for two or three weeks depending on exactly when I noticed the first tiny spots.
Patrick wants to be sure that is what we are dealing with,  so we are here. . Waiting. The appointment was scheduled for 30 minutes ago, but I guess a good doctor is unpredictable on their schedule,  it really speaks to the heart of the doctors when they take time to talk to you and get personal with your family, I value it a lot.
I do however wish to get on with my day....
Thank you Jesus that Patrick cares so much for his son to be sure about the rash we are dealing with,  and for doctors with passion for their patients.

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