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Mommy and Me
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Friday, June 20, 2014

To wiggle or cuddle that is the question.

Caeden was not a wiggly baby really. He loved to be near mama but didn't always have to be held; though there were times that he just couldn't be consoled by daddy he was usual a happy little guy.
Fia and Micah how ever are a bit different.  The more tired they get the closer to mama they need to be but the more they wiggle. This is not a good working relationship.  Currently I'm lying in bed nursing this 7 month old blessing and that sounds nice and cozy until I mention that I wrapped him in the outer edge of my blanket and then laid on it to prevent him from escaping and then laid my leg over his legs to keep him still.  He is almost asleep now so I no longer have to keep his arms pinned to my body so that is good.  And he isn't flexing his fingers on my skin to scrape me with his always sharp finger nails or pinching the skin of my side under my arm like he often likes to do.  And at this moment he looks sweet and innocent and nothing like the monkey I was wrestling for a nap moments ago.
I remember when getting Fia down for a nap I had to swaddle her regardless of age, she sleeps better or I should say faster when movement isn't an option for her.  And then I had to grip both of her feet in my hand and feed her a bottle with the other hand.  If the girl could wiggle or press her big toe on something the nap would not happen.
I do miss those days though.  My babies are growing up.  Caeden will be 6 the end of this year.  5 was hard 6 is harder.  At least I have some more time with my 5 year old before turning him over entirely to 6.
What fond little memories of your children's baby days do you have?

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