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Mommy and Me
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Thursday, June 19, 2014

I need some cheese with this whine

Oh my good Lord Jesus! What a design you made!  Our bodies design is just incredible to me.  So many parts of life are just amazing. .. Today I am marveling at the muscular system.  Mostly because mine HURTS! But also because I am just amazed.  Did you know that muscle at rest will burn calories? So you can eat more and do less to maintain your self if you have more muscle than fat!  Of course muscle will disappear if you don't work it so you should of course work it,  but if you had a twin you, and one of you were in shape and the other you completely obese which one could eat and eat without gaining weight?  The skinny you. .. The fat you would gain weight on a tiny meal. Craziness!
I think God has such an incredible design! That does not mean that I have not had people be rude to me because they feel that I never gain weight. ..I have.  But I have also seen friends eat little exercise a lot and not change a thing about their body size. .. Why?  Because God's design has to be treated right to work right.  You need to eat.  You have to eat.  But here is the deal about exercise: if you excercise the same muscle group constantly it won't get stronger it will get weaker. .. You have to give those muscles a break so that they can build themselves up again.  30 minutes on a treadmill is great but a little weight training before that is better and it is best to only do all that 3-4 times a week.  If you let your muscles relax for a full day and work out again after a 48 hour break or close to it then you will find you can do far more and burn more calories over time than if you continually burn out those same muscles day after day. This is all according to the man at la fitness who runs the personal trainer program.
So all that being said I'm totally not going back to the gym for a few days!  I am so so so sore! I couldn't even sleep well because of the pain last night.
What new things are you doing in your family life?

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