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Mommy and Me
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Friday, June 24, 2011

tired and repressed

I've only got a minute to write this out, so much to do, so little time to do it in, but I needed to take a me break for a moment and just say that the more pressure I feel to start taking care of myself, the more demands my family seems to come up with!
P's mom is ill so he's stressed.
C is clingy and anxious
F is a baby and even though she's getting better she still has lots of needs
P works from 4am till about 2pm and so has to go to bed at 7-8pm
P is sick now.
C and F needed baths tonight....
I was supposed to pump at 6pm and due to dinner and movie rental returns, baths and well anything else that you can think of I didn't actually do it until 8pm. Ahhh, so also I rented a movie for myself thinking I'd curl up on the couch and have a bit of 'mommy time' but it isn't going to happen cause dinner dishes are collecting knats and my husband requested that I fix him a lunch 'when ever I have time' and I've got to pump at 11pm and it is 9:30pm now.. so I can't possibly watch a whole movie before i go to bed imediately after I pump.. so much for that idea. I guess i'll have another glass of milk and 5 bite size melted and resolidified candybars.

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