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Mommy and Me
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Sunday, October 12, 2014

How things change

I didn't think I would be writing this post for at least another year, but here I am writing it. Things are once again changing for our family.  The changes are not unwelcome, but they are pretty unexpected. 
A few weeks back Patrick put his resume in with a company down in Oklahoma and they finally got back to him and he tested for the job on friday. .. He passed with flying colors and should be receiving the details of his new job soon. Since we did in fact put a resume in ourselves, that part of the news is not unexpected.
We own a house in Oklahoma and have been renting it out to a friend who after we signed up to have a leasing agent care for the home, he decided to move on. When the leasing agent saw and reported all the work that needed doing the grand total for time and supplies was close to $3000.00. Wow! It is in need of a lot of love but is also livable, so we were prepared to pay for the work, but then they informed us there is a leak in the bathroom from the roof that needs repair and they won't move anyone in until the work is done. Which as a tenant I can totally understand but from my perspective it it awful because on top of the $3000 we have to pay, we will end up paying for another month of our mortgage while they are not even caring for our home by filling it with some tenants. 
So we decided to move back in.
A year ago we were making this same move only with a ton of stuff, now we are making it with very little stuff.
A year ago we were expecting a new baby,  now all my Oklahoma friends are having babies. ..One was born yesterday, another is scheduled to arrive on Wednesday.  And another early next month, and another in January.
A year ago we were following money, now we are following God. To be honest I felt God was leading us before,  but Patrick confided in me that he has learned a lot from God regarding money and security over the last year and now feels he is following God's will more than before.
A year ago we were derailed in that plan by a loving heavenly father who had a plan to teach his children a love lesson.
I have a lot of trials ahead of me concerning furniture, but God has already brought our friends in to save the day and loan us several things to make due until we have our own.
I will still attempt to post 5th wheel living moments until we are officially done with it but it won't be many.
Closing this chapter will certainly be bittersweet.

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