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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Poor vision

A few months ago I took Fia to the eye doctor, it seems that her eyes have gotten worse since infancy rather than better and it was just time to get that sorted out.  Come to find out she actually had severely farsighted eyes with astigmatism in one of them.  The astigmatism really didn't come as a surprise, I myself have them, and it runs in my family for generations.  The severely farsighted diagnosis was however shocking to me. 
  I had noticed that one eye would turn in while she ate or concentrated on something hard, but figured she had a lazy eye, not one that was working WAY too hard to do small tasks.  It was also shocking that this beautiful little girl who has always had early small motor skills was having trouble with her up-close vision.  If anything I would have assumed perhaps she was near-sighted. Boy was I wrong. 
She has a corrective pair of glasses now that are adorable!  They are also twice as strong as the strongest pair of over the counter reading glasses you can buy.  Wow my poor girl has lived nearly two and a half years unable to see things clearly and did so well at hiding it.  Had I not sat directly across the table from her at meal time I never would have known that she was struggling in this way.
  So now that she has these adorable glasses and I've adjusted to the fact that she needed them, because believe me it was an adjustment, I've been looking into why she might need them.  Patrick has glasses, they are for near-sightedness, he (I think) didn't get his first pair until after high school.  I have the tiniest prescription you can get for reading glasses that I got when I was in middle or high school and my vision hasn't changed at all since then, though I've had it tested and gotten new pairs of glasses over the years. 
  I have an appointment set up for Caeden to have his eyes checked this month, I'll feel awful if he needs glasses too since he is even older than Fia, but I don't think he does.  So why would Fia need such a strong prescription when there really isn't much family history of needing glasses, at least not in childhood? 
  This led me to her birth, which is the only thing that was completely different from the rest of our family... she was born by C-section due to cord prolapse, which means she had a lack of oxygen leading up to her delivery.  I've heard of incubated babies getting too much oxygen and loosing their eye sight, but never heard of a lack of oxygen causing eye problems, though it sounds like it could be related to me.
  I did a mini search with my friend google, and found this website that though it isn't extensive in it's description it does offer some insight to Fia's vision problems.  Apparently the lack of oxygen could really be the reason she has vision problems.  Somehow above all the things I went through, all that I felt, didn't feel, and mentally and emotionally overcame, this is one thing that makes me want to turn around and sue the heck out of the hospital that delivered my daughter.  Now it isn't just me... I have some small amount of proof that not only did they mess me up, they also messed up my daughter with their impatience.
Would I sue them?  Probably not.  What good would it do?  But I hate that they did this to my baby and can get away with it.  I'm willing to bet that her eczema has something to do with that wretched c-section too... though honestly I really don't have proof of that, except that stress triggers more itching than normal.
Ok, I'm done with my mini rant.  Fia is adorable in her glasses and she is a beauty inside and out. 

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