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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Pumpkin baby

My great grandfather used to call my mom 'pumkin' cause she was born in October, then when he was old and couldn't remember things well he began to call me 'pumkin'.. it was sweet but I didn't know why until after he had passed away.
When I discovered that my baby was due in October it seemed natural to 'pumpkin theme' it.... so whether baby is a girl or boy this kid is going to be a pumpkin! 
I started by deciding to make a pumpkin looking baby cocoon.  I couldn't find a pattern for one that looked like what I wanted so I tried to use just any plain pattern and just wing it from there... once the cocoon was finished I was unhappy with it, not due to the pattern at all, just because it didn't fit what I was imagining, so I really truly decided to wing it and forgot about using any sort of pattern and just used the measurements that my first pattern suggested, 12 inches across the top and 17inches long.  It turned out AWESOME!! (if I do say so myself.)
Then of course it needed a pumpkin hat to go with it.  I've never been successful with hats, especially if I tried to wing it so I used a pattern, and it was PERFECT! and I LOVE how it turned out.  I had no idea I could crochet as well as I have this time, however so much of the credit goes to on-line tutorials for teaching me some of the stitches I had never learned before.
After finishing the cocoon and hat I decided that the baby wouldn't always be wearing a cocoon and should therefore have some cute booties to go along with the hat for 'going out' opportunities where a cocoon just wouldn't work well (I'm thinking car seat and cocoon just spells trouble, and the cocoon may never leave the house simply because I wouldn't want to put it on after getting baby out of the car seat only to take it back off when leaving again.)
So I searched for another pattern for booties, honestly this is one I didn't have to do because my Great Aunt Della taught me how to make booties minus the pattern a long time ago, and I've done it that way ever since.  But I wanted the added peace of mind that they would be the right size.  So much for that cause the first cute pattern I found ended up being HUGE, so I tried again (only getting about 1/3rd of the way through the pattern before realizing how huge it would be) but still the finished product was way too big even with a smaller hook.  So I searched again and found this pattern.  I LOVE how these turned out as well!  I did use a smaller hook than recommended because she mentions that they might be a little big (lasting to 3 months) and I only had two options a size bigger, or a size smaller, so I opted for smaller.  They are so tiny and cute I think they will only last a week or so before baby grows out of them, but I don't mind baby is due at the end of October and by 3 months will be needing Christmas stuff anyway.
This hat was made exactly as the pattern specified, but the cocoon ended up being my own design completely.

These booties were mostly made with a pattern (referenced above) but I changed a few things, namely I used the front and back posts instead of a regular dc stitch when she called for that, in the finishing row I used a reverse sc instead of a slip stitch, and instead of using ribbon I made a 45stitch chain and put leaves on the end that I created myself.
If you are interested in the adjusted pattern for any of this I will put it together, but only if you ask.  ;)
I hope you enjoy!

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