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Mommy and Me
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Friday, August 22, 2014

Getting ready

This is officially the last weekend before we start school here... I'm both nervous and excited.
1st grade is such a big deal!  My boy is getting so grown up. 
We are even going to play around with some preschool for Fia. I wasn't going to, not on the books anyway, but she is going to be doing almost everything Caeden does anyway so I figured I should keep track of it all just to see the progress she makes before kindergarten next year.
So I guess I have two children in school now.
I have chosen to follow the konos curriculum.  It covers everything except phonics and math from kindergarten to eighth grade. Phonics I will be teaching my own way using a mixture of methods as I did last year,  math however is not my forte so I bought the Singapore math text and work books.  I'm excited and honestly wish it had been the method taught to me.
In the meantime we are preparing for Monday and trying to enjoy the beautiful weather we have in eastern pa right now.  We took the trash in the wagon down to the bins... we were quite a sight.  I pushed Micah in the stroller,  Fia pushed her doll in a doll stroller,  and Caeden pulled the wagon. We also had Boomer with us, poor thing doesn't get many walks.  We were a mini parade on the way to the garbage bins.
On the way back  we became worm paramedics and rescued three worms from the road way.  I'm sure they appreciated it even if they scared Caeden by wriggling and twisting when he tried to pick them up. It's nice at this age I don't have to admit to being a wuss that doesn't like touching worms, I just call it a learning experience and make them do it themselves.  One day they will know their mama is a wimp though.
It's a glorious day... how are you spending it?

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